All the goings on in your community under one 'digital roof'!


Usually only one day duration per time. No online ticket sales. Can be a drop-in class, kids activity, fun things to do around the commmunity.


If you make it.... you can advertise yourself on here. No direct sales, must lead to website, etsy or facebook page.


 Ticket Sales or multi-day event. Concerts, Art Shows, Theatre productions, Gala's etc... These type of events go in this section.


Not for profit organizations, Small business or organization crowdfunding campaigns, Some personal fundraisers (must be approved and added by the Local Shift).

Garage Sales

Must be an actual garage sale. Individual sale items are not permitted. Quality image required. Full location required. A map will be incorporated into the app for garage sales. This requires full addresses.


Groups are for meetings that take place on a regular basis. Support groups, Craft groups, Toastmasters, Business Networking Groups. Can be members only but may not be discriminatory. (Can be based on age and gender)


Must be a real paid LEGAL position. Absolutely NO Network Marketing / Direct Sales or any other company recruiting. Help wanted items such as yard work, respite care, home care are allowed. Must be very detailed.

Local Food

If you grow it, raise it, bake it or gather it you can post your Local Food advertisement in this section. The Local Shift is not responsible in ensuring food handling requirements are followed. We do however recommend that you follow the food preperation regulations set out by your local health authority.

Outdoor Activities

This is for events or activities that are usually for the outdoor enthusiast.... hiking, kayaking, trail riding etc. This may also include community BBQ's or other outdoor functions. These activities generally have a specific meet time in order for the group to proceed with their day.

Lost & Found Pets

Lost a critter? Found a critter? Advertise it here! But please once Kugo has made it back to his loving family - remember to delete the ad.

Volunteer Opportunities

This space is for all things volunteer. Whether it is searching for volunteers for one afternoon, one week, one month or one year this is where the volunteer opportunities go.