Our goal is to provide an app that simplifies the way people engage in their community by offering relevant information in a individual way. The purpose is to build a truly connected community. Our solution is “The Local Shift” community app. It brings focus to our local economy. It provides a centralized location for users to access information on a wide variety of community “stuff” - All under one “digital” roof. 

But it doesn’t stop there; future development includes gateways to local business rewards, local investment and local innovators. 

Phase 2  (In Progress) - The local business rewards program is our next stage of development. This feature will benefit our local business community by creating customer loyalty - using rewards and other incentives. See Loyalty Rewards program.

Meet Our Team

Cheryll Turcotte

CEO, Project Manager

When Cheryll is not developing the Local Shift community app and rewards program, she spends her time working alongside Bart Wagner building mobile applications for industrial and resource companies. Cheryll has over 20 years of photographic and design experience along with 5 years of programming and developing mobile applications.

Cheryll is a recent graduate of the Community Economic Development program at SFU in Vancouver, BC where she was awarded the Social Innovation Award (grant) for developing the Local Shift community app. Cheryll is passionate about her community and the local economy in and outside of her region.  

Bart Wagner

CTO, Developer

When Bart Wagner is not developing for the Local Shift - he spends his time developing business solutions for industrial and resource companies in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Using 25 years of programming and technology experience, his company (Business2Mobile Communications inc.) helps companies improve and manage business processes such as safety certification, operational accounting, project management, data collections and mobile reporting.  

Working with clients in industries such as forestry, mining, oil and gas, environmental monitoring, agriculture, government, education and health & safety sectors, Bart uses his vast technology experience to simplify and expedite business processes.

Shawn Caldera

Marketing & Promotions

When Shawn isn't working on the Local Shift, you can find him leading the charge for Volcanic Gaming; Northern BC's premiere Esports organization. With about 4 years of graphic design, marketing and event management skills, he's come to understand that businesses of the north needs proper networking, advertising and online presence; and with the Local Shift, he hopes to help make that a reality.  

Shawn has collaborated with publishers like Hi-Rez Studios, Nintendo of Canada, and has a very close knit connection with local tech businesses in Northern BC. Using his skills, he is determined to help the North stay better connected. 

Mobeley ‘Dobeley'

The Gentleman

This little gentleman is 8.5 years old.  He thinks he is a little human. When he cuddles - he stares at you so adoringly that it is almost creepy. Mobeley is one of the friendliest little terriers you will ever meet but don’t get between him and his bones!

Bella ‘BLOOP'

Big Boss

Bella is only 4 apples tall and weighs in at a whopping 4 lbs. Don’t let her small stature fool you… she is the boss... PERIOD! She is quite a sweet little dog…. when she’s quiet! Bella loves cuddles and spends most of her day at the office in her double slipper. 

Gibson ‘the calmness'

Unemployed Working Dog

Bernese Mountain dogs are known for their working dog abilities in taking care of their sheep…. BUT…. this one acts more like an unemployed working dog. He has become stoic in all of his 3 years.

Eddie ‘Kersmoochie'

HubSpace Mascot

If you are ever in the HubSpace you are sure to see this year old pup draped over the edge of the mezzanine checking out what’s happening down below. Don’t let him pin you down though…. your ears will get a lickin…. whether you want it or not.